Bet Mover is an easy to use yet feature rich web application, suitable for all levels of trading expertise, from novice to pro trader.

Key features include:

Price movements & charts, steamers, drifters, one-click betting and a GPS-driven Real-Time In-Play module.

Real-Time In-Play

A subscription module, which is unique and exclusive to Bet Mover

  • In-Running views and maps - 100% live and several seconds faster than the fastest TV pictures.*
  • Race Pars Charts – how the race is being run compared to past races.
  • Runner Positions.
  • Runner Speed / Par Speed.
  • In Play Odds Charts.
  • One-Click Betting and Trading.

This is actual live-streamed information, using state-of-the-art GPS technology and is provided by one of our partners, TPD (Total Performance Data).

This information is absolutely unique to Bet Mover, it is not available anywhere else and is invaluable to all in-play traders.

* 100ms - 200ms from horse to your screen.

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Price Movements

Horse racing markets direct from the Betfair exchange, with easy-to-read numerical tables and various graphical representations.

Everything customisable and FREE to use.

  • Set custom 'time to post' for data columns. 
  • Choice of movements: percentage, ticks, book.
  • Large charts with zoom 'in and out'.
  • Mini charts of full day and latest prices.

We record the days odds for all race runners so you can see odds and charts whenever you want to.

 Race Steamers & Drifters

Simple and easy to read, colour coded steamer / drifter ratings.

Easy to find and FREE to use.

  • Steamer/ Drifter rating for each horse in all races.  
  • Races archives with results for win and place markets.
  • Auto updates.

We compare WAP (weighted average price) with the current price which produces a reliable, simple way to highlight overall movement.

Shortlisted Steamers & Drifters

Shortlists of market movers for all the days races and how far they have moved.

Easy to find and FREE to use.

  • All Steamers in one list.  
  • All Drifters in one list.
  • Fully configurable layout.

Order by race time, movement or odds to easily pick out the horses of interest.

Betfair Live Odds & Betting

Odds streaming and one-click betting by connecting to your Betfair account.

  • Live Betfair Odds.
  • One-Click Betting and P&L.
  • One-Click 'Back-to-Lay' & 'Lay-to-Back'.
  • One-Click Cash-Out.
  • Matched & Unmatched Bets.

This is a FREE optional module that makes your life betting on horses fast and simple - especially for the in-play module.

Learn More

Bet Mover has a dedicated Toolbox, which is FREE to access and which includes:

  • A comprehensive User Guide.
  • A Real-Time In-Play step by step guide.
  • A Strategy Library which is being continually updated with new material.

This is Approved, when you watch the videos you’ll understand why!

Graham Laurie  //  Cash Master

We're very excited by the way Bet Mover have visualised our in-play tracking data and we think there some lethal trading clues for those who get fully immersed! There is more to come, but the marriage of low latency live race-pace with one-click betting is a great leap forward for the in-running game.

Will Duff Gordon  //  CEO Total Performance Data

Bet Mover can give anybody an edge using the Betfair Exchange when it comes to In Play Betting or Trading and is unparalleled with unique horse tracking capabilities in running. I'll be using the software to demonstrate how it's possible to create an income and develop new strategies to share within the Toolbox.

Ryan Phillips  //  Creator of Exponential Bet

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