Recent Changes


  • Mobile view for race list, more improvements to come..


  • Race filters to select by country and course
  • Country flags added to the races list
  • Charts Tab 'Market Book' chart - click the time to reset all other charts depth.
  • Settings area face lift
  • Recent charts on 'Grid' tab have more data for GB / IE races

In development:

  • Betfair account connection.
  • 1 click betting / cash out.
  • P&L, open and closed bets.
  • Open bets actions.
  • Live in play positions.
  • History export page.
  • Mobile responsiveness in the app.

What is Bet Mover?

Bet Mover is a site dedicated to showing the prices movements of horse racing markets from the Betfair exchange, with numerical tables and charts.

Never miss that market mover again!


The Login / Register screen is opened by clicking the link on the top right of the website

Click 'Register' to signup for a free account, enter your email address and click 'Register', you will get an email with link to complete your registration.

Fill in the form and choose a 'strong' password. It must be 8 characters long and contain lowercase, uppercase and numbers

Please use the 'Show and Suggest Password' button to allow the system to create a password for you. You can update you password at anytime on the account page.

We recommend using a password management system like LastPass.

Login / Password Recovery

To login simply use your email address, as provided during login and the password you chose or created.

You may use the 'show password' checkbox to reveal the password for ease of entering. 'Remember me' will keep you logged in for 14 days unless you log out on the account page.

Your Account Page

On you can donate to the project, amend your account details and log out.

In future weeks you'll be able to connect to Betfair and see account details.

Markets List

On the left on the app you see a drop down that allows you to filter races by country, All Races is the default. You can then select a specific meeting if you with

Click a race to load it into the app.

If a race is slightly light then its a closed market, if the race cannot be clicked then its been abandoned.

The link icon to the right of each race will open the market in Betfair in a new window.

On a mobile the race list will fill the screen:

You can close the list with the X 'top right', or click any race to close the list and load the race.

The race list can be seen again with the >> arrows as show:

Race Details

When you load a race the race details will show above the runner information. Non UK / IE races have basic information.

UK and Irish racing shows class, distance, handicap status, going, race type, number of runners and race track characteristics. These will show when they are available again after resuming post corona virus lockdown.

Grid View

The 'GRID' view is shown by clicking 'GRID' on the right and will stay selected when moving between races.

Selection Group


Saddle Cloth number.


Draw number.


Silk graphic worn by the jockey (this may be just a number and colour depending on the country)


The name of the horse.

Charts Group


24 hours of prices show as last matched price collected at the time.


The last hour of last matched prices.

Prices Group


The current back price of the selection.


The current lay price of the selection.


The Weighted Average Price of the selection. WAP is an average price that takes into account the traded amount at each price, thus giving a true reflection of the actual historical average price.


Back / WAP Percentage movement. The difference (mode as selected in the options tab) between the back price and the WAP price. A negative BW% indicates a steamer, or positive current sentiment towards that horse.


When the race is finished, the BSP the of the horse is shown.


Best Bookmaker Price. The highest bookmaker price of the bookmakers we list, hover over this to see a full list in alphabetical order.

Historical Odds Group

There are 9 sets of 'odds' and 'move' columns, all have a drop[down option so you can select the hour or minutes to post for the price it displays for each runner.


The back odds at the time selected.


The movement (mode selected in settings tab) between the adjacent odds.

Steamers & Drifters

Above races in the race card there are links for STEAMERS and DRIFTERS:

These are based on the BW% in the main grid and will show all horses that have steamed or drifted the most for the whole days card (and filtered the country you've selected). The time and course are shown in this view:

Charts View

The 'CHARTS' view is shown by clicking 'CHARTS' on the right and will stay selected when moving between races.

Blue: Back

Red: Lay

Green: WAP

WAP is Weighted Average Price. This takes into account amounts traded on each price (odds). If, say, £100 has been traded at 5.0 and £1000 at 6.0, the 'normal average; would be 5.5, the WAP is 5.91. This results in a nice smooth chart that is easy to see real price movements.

The first chart is the 'Market Maturity' chart. 

The blue and red lines are how far away from a 100% that side of the market is. 

When the blue 'back book' line and red 'lay book' lines are inside the green bar then the market is reasonably mature. (5% gap in book). The time scale on the runner charts start when the market was 'mature' according to that rule (or a preset amount of time if its not).

Click the 'Market Maturity' chart where you want the runner charts to start from. Click near the right of the chart to see recent data, and to the left for more of the days odds data.


General settings can be set here

Movement calculations per country are optional so you can decide what calculation is use for the movement between adjacent odds.

Book Difference, eg:

5.0 to 10.0 = (100 / 5 - 100 / 10) = (20 - 10) = 10

Ticks Difference, eg:

5.0 - 10.0 = (5,5.1,...9.6,9.8,10) = 30 Ticks

Percentage, eg:

5.0 - 10.0 = 10 - 5 / 10 = 0.5 = 50%